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El Campello

El Campello is a modern coastal resort, which boasts 23 kilometres of quiet, pearly white, sandy beaches. Situated 14 kilometres north of Alicante.

El Campello boasts a beautiful natural environment, with an outlook to the beach and sea, and a mountain backdrop. A splendid climate and the promise of a holiday filled with peace and tranquility is what you can expect on your trip to El Campello.

It has excellent road and rail connections, with Alicante, Benidorm,Altea, Calpe And Alicante International Airport just 35 minutes drive away.

Leisure and recreational
The Paseo del Mar (promenade) is almost 2 miles long and makes for a lovely evening stroll in the setting sun. During the day take advantage of the beaches and sea.

The main beach at El Campello is the beautiful wide, sandy beach of Muchavista. In the vicinity there are some charming coves, such as those of La Coveta Fuma or La Venta La Nuza. With crystal clear waters and excellent year-round weather make for an ideal place for water sports such as sailing, scuba diving and windsurfing.

If you are visiting El Campello we recommend a trip to the archeological site of La Illeta dels Banyets and the famous Torre Vigía De La Illeta (tower), which is one of the most important historical sites in the Costa Blanca.

Within half an hour’s drive from the coastline you will find yourself in a stunning countryside and mountainous zone. The scenery is beautiful, dotted with fascinating mountain villages, all with a history and a story to tell.

Views from the lofty mountain fortress of Guadalest rival those from anywhere else in Spain, and it is said that you can see as far as Ibiza on a clear day.

For outdoor enthusiasts, hiking and cycling routes can be found in the surrounding mountains. Here can also be found the famous Canalobre Caves.

There are many championship golf courses in and around Alicante, all within one hour’s drive of the resort.

Eating out
There is a huge choice of authentic Spanish restaurants and bars, all serving delicious meals or tapas. The El Campello Marina sits at one end of the bay, offering both a lively fish market and a selection of sumptuous restaurants.

The local cuisine in El Campello is typically that of the Costa Blanca, which combines delicacies from both land and the Mediterranean Sea. Many civilizations have lived in this area (Celts, Iberians, Greeks, Romans, Muslims), all of which have all left their mark on the gastronomy.

The diet in El Campello is a typically, healthy Mediterranean one; the Costa Blanca is rich in fish, vegetables, olive-oil, rice and fruit and the ingredients which are all used to prepare delicious, healthy dishes, such as Paella Valenciana, Arroz Negro (black rice), Arroz al horno (Oven baked rice), Arroz a banda (fish and rice stew), Arroz del Señoret (Princes rice).

Aside from seafood, typical dishes include succulent lamb chops, rabbit in garlic, roast leg of lamb with garlic and fresh rosemary, and home made sausages and black puddings.

If you have a sweet tooth then you will enjoy the local homemade pastries and deserts that the whole region is famous for. Or Jijona ice-cream (Nougat), which is made with the almonds of the region.

While in El Campello you can delight the palate with the ample wines an offer from the region giving Jalon wine a special mention due to its quality and bouquet.

There are many international restaurants close by offering a wide choice of different cuisines from around the world.

El Campello enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate; as is it is surrounded by mountain ranges, it can sometimes get very hot in summer, but it is protected against the cold North winds in winter. The area averages nearly 3,000 hours of sunshine each year and the average temperature easily exceeds 20 degrees.

In 1986 the World Health Organisation recommended the climate of the area as one of the most equitable in the world – neither too hot in the summer nor too cold in the winter. On average it can boast 325 sunny days each year making it an ideal all year round destination.


Opened in 1995 Bonalba is the oldest and most settled 18 hole golf course in the Costa Blanca. The course designed by Ramon Espinosa is a diverse entity of trees, water obstacles, bunkers and large greens, making it an enjoyable experience for pros and amateurs alike.

The 6,367 metre, 18 hole par 72 Bonalba golf course is situated in the foot hills of the Sierra de Bonalba, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and beaches of San Juan. It is situated between large lakes on gentle slopes and has its own golf Academy with qualified, professional instructors.

Bonalba is located approximately 15 minutes from “Casa Coveta” The best route to the course is by taking the highway (A7) that goes from Alicante to Valencia and then heading towards Alcoy (Exit 67) to the left. The course is only a few minutes off the highway, with signs guiding the way.

Bonalba golf resort


Alicante Golf was officially inaugurated on January 23, 1998 at a ceremony chaired by its designer, Severiano Ballesteros, and in the presence of the then President of the Spanish Golf Federation, Emma Villacieros.

At the foot of the Mediterranean is Alicante Golf, located on the spectacular San Juan beach, 5 minutes from the center of Alicante. Nestled like a green lung in the residential area, the course has wide holes replanted with thousands of trees. Alicante golf´s priority aspects are caring for the environment and saving water consumption.

Alicante Golf is located approximately 20 minutes from “Casa Coveta”. The best route to the course is by taking the N-332 towards Alicante.

Alicante golf


El Plantío

The El Plantío golf course is located in perfect harmony with the environment, giving rise to a unique space of nature. The essential feature is the existence of an ubiquitous plant mass that harmonizes the game. Dense groups of trees that define and outline the streets have been planted, there are a large number of evergreen species in which to look for a good shade all year. The vegetable mass along with the proximity to the sea makes a microclimate with mild temperatures, in addition to the frequent breezes that make the game much more bearable in summer.

The course was completed in October 1999. It occupies 49 hectares of land, 18 holes par 72 and 6,257 meters of travel, in addition to an excellent practice area.

El Plantío golf

Font del Llop

Located just 10 minutes from Alicante International Airport, surrounded by vineyards, almond trees and ancient olive trees. 18-hole par 72 course, fully integrated with the landscape of the area, which with its American-looking design and Scottish molding, will make all kinds of players enjoy. With the help of Blake Stirling and Marco Martín, it offers the player a course with International measures, what we know as the Championship Course, prepared for tournaments of the highest level and for the amateur player. The hills of the valley, the natural troughs and a small river that connects its five lakes, mark the 18 holes and make golf a wonderful excuse to leave your property and enjoy the sport among friends or other golf lovers!

Font del Llop, Campo del Golf Alicante
Font del Llop golf


The Alenda Golf course has been designed and built by Roland Favrat, while respecting the initial orography and the vegetation of the farm, with avoiding aggressive earthworks in its construction.

The course was completed in October 1999. It occupies 49 hectares of land, 18 holes par 72 and 6,257 meters of travel, in addition to an excellent practice area.

Alenda golf